Trekking | Valle di Viso


Trekking | Valle di Viso

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Con gli itinerari personalizzati della Valle dei Segni pianifichi il tuo viaggio in Valle Camonica:
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Recommended travel time: 1 day
1 stage

Level of difficulty: FOR HIKERS

Trails that are almost always over paths or sections of varied terrain (fields, screed, stony ground), which are usually marked; there may be short flat or gentle sloping sections of residual snow, where, in the event of a fall, the hiker will fall only for a very short distance and without hazards. They may cross open terrain, without paths, but free of problems and always with suitable signs, or over steep slopes; exposed sections are generally protected (barriers) or have anchoring devices (cables). There may be individual sections over non-exposed rocks, or short, non- tiring or non-challenging sections thanks to the presence of equipment (ladders, rungs, cables), which, however, do not require the use of specific equipment (harnesses and carabiners, etc.).

They require a certain sense of orientation, some experience and knowledge of mountain terrain, and a good level of fitness for walking, as well as suitable equipment and footwear.



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I luoghi, le attività, le bellezze lungo l’itinerario...

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