Ethnographic Museum "L Zuf"

Ethnographic Museum "L Zuf"



Via Dr. Italo Tognali 1
Vione , BS
Musei, castelli e parchi archeologici
Comune di Vione 0364.94131
Direttore Giancarlo Sembinelli 349.7181699

To get in touch with the spirit and the traditional knowledge of the valley people, one can visit the ethnographic museums of the territory, set up to enhance and safeguard the memory of the past. Among them, the ethnographic Museum ‘L Zuf’ in Vione, which collects objects of daily use and tools for working the soil from the early Nineteen-hundreds, among which the reconstruction of a mill, a historical loom, tools for ploughing and for weaving.

Opening hours: on July and August 2017 everyday from 17.00 to 19.00
Schools and groups can visit the museum during all the year. To book a visit please contact the museum.