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The Signs of Health

The richness of Camonica Valley is not only its old story and traditions but also the several places, adapted for many sport activities, from the old and diffi cult one to the relaxant one. Our Valley is a perfect place to have an health holiday thank to a thermal centre where you can take care of your body.

The Signs of nature

Coming to Valle Camonica also means giving oneself completely up to nature and sport, for the presence of modern ski- and chair-lifts and a diverse environment, allowing outings and open-air hikes, thanks to the...
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I Segni del Gusto

Dalle sponde del Lago d'Iseo fino ai 3000 metri dei suoi alpeggi la Valle Camonica vanta una gran varietà di prodotti tipici che costituiscono una gastronomia ricca di sapori e prelibatezze . Dai formaggi caprini e...

Cycling, bike, mtb

La Valle Camonica è una terra ospitale per gli amanti delle due ruote. Tra i segni della cultura , della natura , dell’enogastronomia e del benessere , numerose sono le occasioni per percorrere il territorio camuno in...
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I Segni dell'Arte

In Valle Camonica esiste una concentrazione sorprendente di segni dell'arte, e non è difficile incontrarne anche nelle chiese più piccole e isolate. Nel corso dei secoli sono stati tanti gli artisti che hanno...

The Signs of Faith

T here are numerous human signs in Camonica Valley: sanctuaries, churches, parish churches, spiritual end cult places. But the real testimony of faith is the life of many Saints and Blessed, who loved our territory.


Important ski areas where one can spend a holiday practicing this winter sport par excellence exist in many localities of Valle Camonica.
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The Signs of History

Valle Camonica preserves an artistic heritage of great awesomeness with examples which, since prehistory, arrive at modern times, distributed on a vast territory, adding great cultural and historical wealth to the...

The Signs of the Memory

Valle Camonica is a territory intending to preserve and safeguard, besides the very beautiful natural resources, also the collective memory more strictly linked to the working world, from the fields to the smithy. To...